27 awards at Scholastic Arts & Writing Regional

Bay High School writers win 27 awards at Scholastic Arts & Writing Regional competition

Bay High School student writers garnered a total of 27 writing awards in the Regional Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition held at the Cleveland Institute of Art in January.

Eight Gold Key award-winning works by five of the student writers will be forwarded to the national-level competition held in New York City. The Gold Keys go to Bay High seniors Megan Huntington (poetry, “Papa Poems”); Cate Kapalczynski (personal essay/memoir and American Voices Nominee, “The Phoenix” and poetry, “Jacket”); Christina Randazzo (poetry, “Generation Z”); junior Elizabeth Holup (poetry, “The Colors of You” and “Unfinished Business” and humor, “What Makes Odd Numbers Odd, Anyway?”); and sophomore Kendall Thomas (short story, “One More Day”). These top award-winning works demonstrate the highest levels of achievement in originality, personal voice and technical skills.

Nine Silver Key awards went to seniors Maggie Allen (writing portfolio, “The Vastness To Be Found In Ohio’s Corners: A Reckoning”); Courtney Brewer (poetry, “Antique Button”); Megan Huntington (poetry, “Fish In A Dream” and “Panic Attack); Cate Kapalczynski (poetry, “when i realized i love you more than myself”); Christina Randazzo (poetry, “The Quilt”); junior Elizabeth Holup (poetry, “Remix” and critical essay, “Alienation Throughout Literature: A Case Study”); and sophomore James Lyons (short story, “1 AM”).

Ten Honorable Mention awards were given to seniors Megan Huntington (poetry, “The Truths I have Buried”); Christina Randazzo (poetry, “Chalk Board” and “It Would Be a Beautiful Life”); juniors Jacob Dodd (poetry, “Fever Dreaming”); Elizabeth Holup (poetry, “The Bargain” and “Something Suspicious”); Chris Nagel (dramatic script, “Wings of Darkness”); Audrey Ray (poetry, “AIDS”); Juliana Reising (poetry, “Carnival of Hell”); and sophomore James Lyons (critical essay, “Designer Babies”).

Writing instructors are Erin Beirne and Kristen Srsen Kenney.

Enjoy these wonderful works of literature online at the Cleveland Institute of Art website HERE

2019 Writing Award Winnters

Bay High student writing award winners, from left, front row -- Juliana Reising, Chris Nagel, Cate Kapalczynski, Christina Randazzo, Audrey Ray; middle row -- Maggie Allen, Megan Huntington, Courtney Brewer; back row -- James Lyons, Jacob Dodd,  Kendall Thomas, and Elizabeth Holup.