Bay High Technical Department awarded top high school honor

Bay High Technical Department awarded top high school honor

In recognition of Bay High's extraordinary Technical Department program, the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) is awarding technology teachers Luke Kieffer and Ron Rutt its Program Excellence Award at its annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia this April.

The Program Excellence Award is one of the highest honors given to technology and engineering education programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Bay High was the Ohio high school winner this year.

Applications of technology are expanding into every nook and cranny of education and work. Students in Bay High's Technology Department have a wide choice of skills and concepts to explore, such as engineering, construction, architecture, wood and metal working, energy systems, alternative energy, computer-aided drafting, solid modeling, and video production. 

A student in a construction unit might frame a full-size wall section, wire it for a bathroom and install plumbing. The automotive unit will have them change tires, jump start cars, and identify engine parts. In learning about energy, students build wind/water generators, boat hulls, hill climbers, hydraulic robots, solar vehicles and rebuild 2-stroke engines.

Pre-engineering explores the integration of computer-controlled manufacturing. Working in wood, metal and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) materials, they create laminated mallets, tool trays, shovels, CNC coasters and puzzle blocks. They complete several design scenario project that require them to work through the design process to fabricate working, testable solutions like maglev vehicles, battle bots, pill bottle openers, locker organizers, and "flugtag" flying contraptions.

In Video Production, students learn to use digital video cameras, lights, microphones, computers/editing software, studio switchers and mixers, and a variety of video production support equipment like green screens. They learn to use software to storyboard, edit, create special effects and manipulate images, and learn the basics of audio production and sound creation. Students produce a bi-weekly news program and cover school events as a team, and they produce a range of individual projects.

Bay High offers several courses in Computer Aided Design (CAD) where students apply skills such as engineering drawing, drafting, and architectural design to create prototypes of designs.

Architectural CAD students create room plans and floor plans for residential construction. Students start designing one room at a time and are taught typical room sizes and furniture spacing requirements for each type of room. Once students have a knowledge of each typical room in a house and its function, they create full residential floor plan layouts.

In CAD 1 and 2 students are often given a problem or scenario and asked to come up with solutions using the design process. For example, In CAD 2, students design a spool part to replace a missing spool from a tape dispenser. Students measure the tape dispenser base and roll of scotch tape using dial calipers, create a fully-dimensioned, multi-view drawing of their design idea in AutoCAD, and create a final three-dimensional concept drawing of the spool design. Those 3-D drawing files are sent to a 3-D printer to print a prototype of the spool. The prototype parts are physically tested to see if they will properly hold a roll of tape and fit in the tape dispenser base.

ITEEA is the professional organization for technology, innovation, design, and engineering educators.

"Having passed the review process, your school’s technology and engineering education program is truly exemplary among other programs in your state, at your school’s level," read ITEEA's announcement letter. "You know more than anyone the tremendous amount of work and dedication that is required to design, maintain, and improve quality programs like yours. What is the result of your dedication? Who benefits? Primarily, your students are the ones who will have richer lives for having participated in your program. Not many endeavors are more important than helping students become technologically literate and learn more about the world around them. Thank you for investing in your students!"